1. A Christmas Carol:

The 2009 version with Jim Carrey, has very realistic animated characters and is one for all to enjoy. It really shows the true meaning of Christmas! An all-time classic film, given a twist. Let’s not be a Scrooge this Christmas!

2. Home Alone:

The first Home alone released in 1990 is a must see around the festive season. Warning, it is not for the faint hearted. The story a young boy left alone during Christmas is heart quenching. However, this is a great one for all members of the family to enjoy and share a giggle or two.

3. Elf:

Starring Will Ferrell, this is a comedy. For those of you who have not watched this before, you have to at least once! The story of a toddler who was accidentally transported to the North Pole and raised as an Elf in Santa’s workshop, a light-hearted fun film that will be sure to make you chuckle.

4. The Santa Clause:

Tim Allen stars in this funny movie about a man who accidentally kills ‘Santa’, and is transported to the North Pole where he is made to take Santa’s place before the next Christmas.  This film is one for the older kids and grandkids. We don’t want to ruin the magic of Santa now do we!

5. The Polar Express:

Without a doubt, you will find this on your TV at some point this Christmas season. This animated classic takes you on a journey on a train ride through the North Pole, showing you that the power of belief runs the magic of Christmas. Suitable for all ages.

6. Miracle on 34th Street:

This will make you second-guess your belief in Santa Claus. The story of a man who believes he is Santa Claus, and is threatened to be banished to an insane asylum by the authorities. Some-what of a love story about family and faith. One for the older kids and grandkids.

7. The Holiday:

This romantic-comedy brings together the lives of two sets of strangers, who were looking to escape their lives. Instead, they found love and friendship. This is a great one to watch as part of a romantic evening.

8.Love Actually:

This movie never gets old. Nine intertwined story lines in one film is just genius. There’s a story for everyone! Romance and friendship, all stories lead back to one thing, love. This is one for the older children and couples. For a nice, feel good film this Christmas look no further.

9. Four Christmases:

A romantic-comedy about a couple who have avoided the holiday season with their family, but when their flight gets cancelled to Fiji they are forced to spend four Christmases with different members of their family. You are taken on their journey through four crazy families, to enjoy a laugh or two. This is one for older children and adults.

10. Harry Potter:

This last one is a classic, now although largely the films have nothing to do with Christmas. For some reason, they just get you in the Christmas mood. The magic and wonder that these films exert is second-to-none. These films are a favourite for all the family to enjoy. If you’ve got enough time, why not try and watch all eight films before Christmas? Here’s a challenge for you!